How to Setup Cpanel Two Factor(2FA) Authentication

cPanel is a Linux-based Web Hosting Control Panel and the most broadly utilized and famous control panel on webhosting industry. The interface of cPanel is Very Easy to use for everyone but difficult to utilize and underpins IPv6 and multi-server the panel. Because of it's fame, cPanel has greater security highlights. The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a significant security highlight of cPanel. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional layer security include for cPanel intended to guarantee that you are the main individual who can get to your cPanel account, regardless of whether somebody knows your secret phrase. 2FA gives a two-advance confirmation where the client gives two verification elements to check the specific proprietor of the record. Additionally, it makes it harder for programmers to access your cPanel accounts, since realizing the unfortunate casualty's secret word isn't sufficient to pass the verification check.


How Two-Factor Actually Works?

Two-Factor Authenticator, also called 2FA is an extra layer of security that requires the username and secret phrase, yet in addition requires something from the client. At the point when you need to sign in to your cPanel account, you should give the username, secret phrase and a check code that is consequently shown on your confided in gadgets. By entering the check code that showed distinctly on your confided in gadget, you are confirming that you trust the new login to your cPanel account. We should disclose the means to empower 2FA on your cPanel server.


How to Setup and Enable on Cpanel?

1.Firstly Download and Install a supported Two-Factor Authentication APP on your smartphone/tablet. We suggest the following software:


  • For Android, iOS, and Blackberry — Google Authenticator
  • For Android and iOS — Duo Mobile
  • For Windows Phone — Authenticator

2. Login to Your Cpanel First.

3. Search "Two Factor Authentication" and click on it.

4. Again Click on Setup Two Factor Authentication.

5. Scan the following QR code with a two-factor authentication app on your phone.

                           i) If You Don’t have a QR code reader then Manually Add Account + KEY 

6. Enter the security code generated by your two-factor authentication app.

That's it. Now You have successfully Enabled the two factor authentication.



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